About the Club

Page last reviewed: 29/04/22

The club is managed by the executive and the management committee. The executive consists of the chairman, deputy chairman, club secretary and the treasurer. The management committee comprises the executive, the men's section and the women's section presidents, the Greens Director and the Providores (Bar and Catering). The management committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Core Objectives

The Club was established to:

  • advance and promote the sport of bowls;
  • provide the best possible standard of playing facilities for members in accordance with the laws of the game prescribed by Bowls Australia;
  • promote and develop the club, its facilities and activities within the local community for the benefit of its members and the game of bowls in particular, and for the community within which the club exists in general;
  • provide, promote and develop such other programmes, activities and use the club to generate and enhance good fellowship within abd between members, other bowls and sports clubs and the commuity, and without prejudice to the game of bowls.

These core objectives are described in the constitution and inform how the club is managed. Within the core objectives, the club management may identify other objectives for a particular year, game or class of membership depending on what the club management percieves as the 'need' of the club and its members. These objectives may take the form of attracting younger members or enhancing facilities for increased accessibility etc.

Specific Objectives for 22/23.

Promoting the game of bowls to under 18yrs and increasing junior membership of the club.

Club History

Lawn Bowls is thought to have been played in Flaxton on a private property, The Palms, prior to 1946. However, the current club was formerly established in April 1946 and the land on which it now resides was purchased for 30 pounds (about $60). The women's club was formed the following year. In 1946, the English, Scottish and Australia Bank loaned the club 200 pounds to finance building of the original club house. The present club house was officially opened in 1985. The club incorporated in May 2000. It was not until 1995 that the women's and men's clubs merged.

historical picture
First club house.

The green has been extended regularly over the years. In the mid 1970's the green itself was removed and sold, and a new green comprising 8 rinks, was installed with drainage and new tifdwarf grass. The green was once again removed and a new championship quality green was installed.

Honour Board

The clubs' honour board serve as record of the clubs history: members achievements, benefactors and commemorates those members who have gone before us. Moreover, our honour board serves as the intersecting point of our current club and it's 'contemporary' values and our historic traditional past. Our honour board gives the club a sense of pride and a foundation from which the club has grown, providing the club with motivation to continue to develop and grow.

Mens Presidents Ladies' Presidents Patrons and Life Members

Famous Games

All games played at the Mapleton Bowls Club are famous but some are more famous than others... Mapleton won the Maroochy Pennant Competition 1938-39. and beyond that here is a list of our winners...

Mens A Singles Mens B Singles Mens Open Pairs Mens Fours Mixed Pairs Ladies Open Ladies Open Pairs and B Singles
historical picture
Club competition

Our Members

No club exists without its membership. This is what they have to say about the club...

"The Mapleton Bowls Club is the best place to come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere whether it be for a game of bowls or a multitude of other events that’s on offer. I’ve been a member here for over twenty years, keeping up with the times, watching it grow to be the progressive club that it is, I like to call it my club, come check it out."

"It is the place to make lifelong friends. We became social members last year and since then we have been to so many dinners, social events and several Friday afternoon bowling practices. We have met lots of friendly people who support us in many different aspects of our lives. It takes us half an hour to drive but it is really worth the trip! Now many of our friends have also joined."
M. and E. Davies

club members posing for a picture
Club Members

Royal Visits

There have been none. The club is still waiting... However, whilst we wait, 2021 was the 75th anniversary of the club. To recognise this achievement, the club has produced a book about the club, it's history and it's members. It is $5 (free to full members). Please contact the secretary for more information.

monthly dinner advert

Who's Who...

Phillip Lester
club secretary
Martin Lambe
club treasurer
Graham Patterson
mens president
Mens President
ladies president
Ladies' President
Heather Lewis
club coach
Debbie Sawtell
communications officer
Penny Shaw
greens director
Games Director
Miles Allen
bar manager
Bar Providore
Les Begbie
catering providore
Catering Providore
Helen Mallet and Kathy Lambe
green keeper
Green Keeper:
Andrew Boag
Club Patron:
Eileen Lovelock