In the event of wet weather please telpehone 5445  7479 to determine if the game is still on. If the game has been cancelled there will be a recorded message stating that the game is cancelled and the date to ensure the message is current. If there is no message  the game is still on.

Friday Dinners are served on alternate Fridays from 6.00pm at reasonable prices.  Visitors are welcome. Our full kitchen can accommodate special events for celebrations, with a dining area for up to 80 people.



Monday Mapleton Quilters  a.m.
Monday 1st       Mens’ Pairs Thursday Art Group   a.m.
Monday 2nd.     Mixed Pairs Friday 2nd. PROBUS   10 a.m.
Tuesday Social Bowls p.m. Friday Practice Roll-up   p.m.
Wednes. Craft Group    a.m.
Wednes. Mah-Jong Group p.m. Saturday Social Bowls       p.m.
Wednes. 1st.  MADCA    7-9 p.m.


11           October               Sunday Mens’ 2 bowl Triple competition

12           October               Monday  Meet the Candidates

16           October               Friday    Dinner Night

18           October               Sunday Mapleton visit to Woodford

30           October               Friday    Dinner Night

31           October               Saturday   Jacaranda  Day

03           November          Tuesday  Melbourne Cup Party

07           November          Saturday  Remembrance Day

13           November          Friday    Dinner  Night

15           November          Sunday                 Mapleton  Day

17           November          Tuesday  Christmas Cake Day

21           November          Saturday  Mens’ Meeting  11.00 a.m.

27           November          Friday    Dinner Night